Resize Windows, Make Them Transparent with Your Mouse Wheel

Last Updated Aug 24, 2010 12:24 AM EDT

Have you ever wanted to see what was under a window without minimizing it? That happens to me all the time -- what's in the Word document under my Excel document? What's the name of the file I dropped on the desktop under Outlook? Here's a clever tool that lets you see through open windows and folders just using your mouse's scroll wheel.

Feewhee is a free utility that adds two surprisingly useful features to Windows:

  • Move over a window's title bar and roll the scroll wheel to make the window bigger or smaller -- no need to grab a corner of the window and drag.
  • Move over a window's title bar and roll the scroll wheel while holding the Shift key to make the window more or less transparent.
Using the second technique, you can quickly make a window transparent, reference something underneath, and then snap it back to full opacity in two quick, smooth rolls of the scroll wheel. It's handy, easy to remember, and a clever use of the mouse.

The program is completely portable -- there's nothing to install. [via Download Squad]

Photo by afu007