Reserve a Parking Space Online

Need to drive downtown for a meeting with a client? Getting there is only half the battle; depending upon your city, getting a parking space could be frustrating and time-consuming. There's no need to drive around aimlessly, though. The next time you need to find a parking space in town, reserve a spot online.

ParkWhiz is a Web site that lets you reserve a parking spot via the Web or your cell phone. Think of it like OpenTable for parking spots; you pay for the spot, and simply hand your e-ticket to the parking attendant when you arrive.

Currently, ParkWhiz currently operates in over 2 dozen cities, with a focus around major sports arenas and airports. If you live near a supported city, you can make your reservations on the ParkWhiz Web site before you leave the office or access the site via a mobile app on your phone. [via TechCrunch]