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Research a New Contact in 10 Seconds

Here's a really quick tip that can save you minutes, if not hours, of hassle. Suppose you've got a contact name, but don't know much about that person. You could check on LinkedIn...and learn only what that contact wants you to know.

Or you can use the ZoomInfo widget below and find out all sort of interesting stuff. Here's how.Enter the contact's name in the box. When you click on the "SEARCH" button, ZoomInfo will give you a list of names culled from the web. Click on the one that most closely matches the contact that you want to research. (You can also refine your search.)

Now, here's the important part. When you're certain you've gotten to the profile page of your contact, click on "view sources" at the upper right of the profile page. Bingo! You get an entire audit trail of what's on the web about that contact.

Pretty neat, eh? It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than simply using Google, because it focuses the search on an individual, rather than just on the string of letters in a name.

By the way, I'll be leaving the search box active, so if you think you'd be likely to use it, bookmark this post in your browser.
BTW, I've requested that ZoomInfo make some changes to make the search box even more useful, so if you bookmark this page, you'll be getting the latest and greatest.

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