Replacement Google - in case the real one gets locked out

A screen grab of the Replacement Google website launched September 25, 2012, in response to the NFL's replacement referees.

(CBS News) Type "Mitt Romney" in the search box and you'll get 2.75 million results for "Cat Videos." A search for "Barack Obama" will yield "Movies with Shaq in them."

It's like Google, but with what's been described as the ineptitude of the NFL replacement referees.

Replacement Google, created by Erik Johnson, who describes himself as Founder, Developer @justenjoytravel, has a landing page that looks a lot like the actual Google website, but sports the NFL logo and tag line " is now sponsored by the NFL. An Erik Johnson production."

That, and the search algorithm is a bit backward.

"I guess Google had a big fight with their search algorithm so they've brought in a replacement," Johnson tweeted yesterday with a link to the newly launched site. He later tweeted the Replacement Google site received more than 100,000 unique visitors yesterday alone.

Frustrations with the struggles of the NFL's replacement refs had been steadily building this season, and reached an apex Monday with a highly questionable call deciding the Green Bay Packers-Seattle Seahawks game.

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The league hired the replacements after it locked out its referees union because they failed to come to a new collective bargaining agreement.

A word of warning: like the replacement refs, results may vary -- "Barack Obama" may also churn out results for "Why is Bill Simmons long winded at times, but still funny?"