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Remotely Wipe Your Phone in Case You Lose It in a Bar

You've probably heard about Apple's recent lost iPhone prototype snafu -- some engineer left it in a bar, which led to the biggest leak in Apple's history. What you might not know is that Apple remotely "bricked" the phone within hours of the loss, which prevented the world from learning all sorts of additional details about the new phone's software. And it prevented any confidential and personal info from getting out as well.

As we like to say around here, what's good for the Apple is good for the gander. Indeed, if it's ever lost, you can remotely wipe your own phone as well.

WaveSecure lets you remotely lock, wipe, and even recover your Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, or Symbian S60 phone.

It's a surprisingly powerful service. WaveSecure backs up your phone's contents to a secure online server, making it easy to restore in an emergency. If your phone is stolen, you can remotely lock it or wipe the data. And if a thief tries to replace the SIM card in your phone, no dice -- the phone will be inoperable.

You can configure your phone to sound an alarm and display a "return me" message on the screen. If your phone has GPS, you can even use it to track the device.

WaveSecure costs $19.90/year, which is a small price to pay for this sort of handheld security. Of course, you probably noticed -- no iPhone support. Of course, iPhone owners can take advantage of Apple's MobileMe.