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Remotely Shut Down Your PC with TweetMyPC

I've never been impressed with Twitter as a micro-blogging site -- I simply don't want to read Rick's witty observations about his lunch -- but even I will admit that it has its uses, like getting tweets from the Mars Rovers. Now there are even better ways to use Twitter, like as a remote control for your PC.

Granted, TweetMyPC is far from the first or only way to control a computer remotely, but the way this free utility leverages Twitter has an elegance that appeals to me. Right now, the functionality is pretty limited: The program understands the words Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff, for which it tirelessly monitors Twitter.

The author is teasing additional features in the near future, though, including the ability to take screenshots, report memory usage, and custom commands. This is an app to keep an eye on.

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