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Remotely Access Your Computer Files with SugarSync

When it comes to cloud storage options, we spend a lot of time recommending Dropbox, and to a lesser degree, SkyDrive. We love the convenience of Dropbox, and SkyDrive gives you a lot of storage -- 25GB, in fact -- for free. In the past, we haven't given SugarSync the same level of coverage, but all that might be about to change.

SugarSync has experienced a slew of improvements of late. Not long ago, we told you about how you can now get a free 5GB account, which actually beats the 2GB you get from Dropbox. And here's the latest: if you have an iPhone, be sure to install the new app -- it arguably makes SugarSync the best cloud storage solution available today.

There are two significant enhancements that now make SugarSync essential. For starters, you can now create a public link to any file you have in your SugarSync folder to share with the world. If you're writing an e-mail on your phone, for example, you can quickly generate a link to a document you would like to send for review and add it to the message. Regardless of whether the file is stored on your home or office PC, and all without leaving your iPhone. That levels the playing field and makes your phone as powerful as sitting at your desktop.

The other update is no less awesome: You can now manage your desktop's files from your iPhone. The SugarSync app lets you copy, move, and delete files. In this way, you can move files from one PC to another or clean up files you no longer need, all while on the train.

As I mentioned, the first 5GB of storage is free, and you can step up to a 30GB plan for $5/month. Other plans range from 60GB for $10/month to 250GB for $25/month.

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