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Regis Philbin Says Pfizer's a Turkey: "Baloney the Dividend!"

Is it just me or did Regis Philbin -- yes, that Regis Philbin -- call Pfizer stock a "turkey" on CNBC the other day? (See video below.) The Fast Money show had him on to ask about his stocks, which are mostly in the tank, he admits. One of the show's hosts suggested he needs Pfizer to prop up his portfolio.

Philbin exploded in mock rage:

Pfizer! That's another turkey! -- When is Pfizer going to move? I'm so sick and tired of hearing what a great pharmaceutical it is. When is the stock going to move? Oh the dividend! Baloney the dividend!
He pounded the table for emphasis, too. Because the show's hosts insisted on talking over their guest, it's not clear if Philbin actually said "turkey" or a ruder word beginning with "tur," or was just mumbling.

As for the dividend, Pfizer cut that in half to make the Wyeth acquisition. Deutsche Bank predicts Pfizer will raise divs up to 25 percent by the end of the year, which would leave it ... still lower than it was before.

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