Regis Philbin imparts TV wisdom to "CTM" cast

Regis Philbin on "CBS This Morning."
Regis Philbin on "CBS This Morning."

TV titan Regis Philbin has a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for spending more than 17,000 hours in front of a TV camera.

With all that experience, Philbin knows a little something about on-air chemistry and imparted a nugget of wisdom to the "CBS This Morning" hosts Thursday morning.

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He said, "It's important to find that chemistry as soon as you can, to stick with it. You know, I find that if you continue the relationship beyond the desk, sometimes that could be an effect -- have a bad effect on your on camera relationship."

Philbin also discussed his memoir, "How I Got This Way," his wife, Joy, and why he decided to leave television, and if he'll have a part in choosing his successor on his former show. For all of that discussion and more, check out the video in the player above.