Recipe: Peanut Dude Boiled Peanut Pizza

South Carolina's Traditional Boiled Peanuts add a little Southern flair to soups, salads, chili or, yes, pizza.

The Peanut Dude

South Carolinian Chris Bible, a.k.a. the Peanut Dude, has been selling his boiled peanuts -- a snack known as "the caviar of the South" -- for nine years now. Bible boils his nuts in his backyard in giant, briny vats, and sells a few hundred pounds every weekend.

The Peanut Dude Home Boiling Kit yields approximately four lbs. of Traditional Boiled Peanuts, high in protein and antioxidants, which can add a little Southern flair to soups, salads, chili, or even pizza, as described below.

Peanut Dude Boiled Peanut Pizza

1 Pizza crust (fresh dough or pre-made)
1 Cup shucked Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts
Fresh sliced tomatoes
Fresh Mozzarella cheese
Your favorite pizza sauce


Top pizza with desired amount of toppings. Cook per dough instructions.

Enjoy! Get creative by adding your favorite pizza toppings!

Peanut Dude Boiled Peanut Salad

Your favorite salad base of leafy greens & veggies
1 Cup of Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts as a topper

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