A closer look at Trump and Clinton's statements on Iraq and Syria

Syria and Iraq in debate
Syria and Iraq in debate 03:22
Final Presidential Debate Part 11 08:03

One segment of Wednesday night’s third presidential debate was devoted to foreign hot spots. Moderator Chris Wallace pressed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for their stances on the conflicts in the Middle East, including the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Syria and the ongoing battle to retake Mosul, Iraq from ISIS.

Two of CBS News’ seasoned foreign correspondents, Holly Williams and Elizabeth Palmer, have been closely following those stories.

Final Presidential Debate Part 12 06:24

Williams is following Kurdish and Iraqi troops on their offensive toward Mosul, and Palmer was recently inside of Aleppo reporting on the toll the war is taking on its residents.

Williams told Scott Pelley on the “CBS Evening News” what she made of Trump’s criticism of the Battle for Mosul being announced in advance. Palmer explained the consequences of Clinton’s proposed no-fly zone over Aleppo.

Watch the video above for how Williams and Palmer responded to the candidates’ claims.