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Readers Recommend

Some of you are using the holidays to get some new ideas.

Regular reader Ennyman has two nods:

Recommended: Richard Branson's Business Stripped Bare.
Got it for Christmas. By Chap one I had a full page list of To Do ideas.

Another book I am reading right now that is good (audio while commuting) is The Elephant and the Dragon. It, too, is very good... about India and China... the world's two largest countries and fastest growing economies. I do not believe they will be going away any time soon, so the more we learn about their histories, influence, economics, the better we will be prepared for the future, ours and our children's.

Another reader touts: Executive Warfare: 10 Rules of Engagement for Winning Your War for Success (Hardcover)
by David D'Alessandro
"this book accelerates all the fundamentals and advanced lessons that I could've used years ago. This book is not the atypical self help book in that you'll feel good after a chapter or two...this book will challenge your every thought AND action after you read it. Executive Warfare, has simple and basic ideas and concepts that you will have already used within your business experiences; however, you'll find that most of this book illustrates things that you may have never ever thought about - and that's where it gets personal. This book is designed for someone who takes work serious and wants to get ahead and make a difference. " {full thoughts in comments, below}
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