Read Business Hacks on the Run with the New BNET App!

At the risk of biting the hand that feeds me, I've always found BNET's mobile site to be, um, less than stellar. There was room for improvement, let's say.

That improvement has arrived, bigtime, in the form of the BNET's new mobile apps for Android and iPhone. These freebies let you consume BNET content with unparalleled speed and ease. Here's a quick walkthrough of the iPhone version, though it's virtually identical on Android.

You navigate the app using the three icons at the bottom: Latest, Sections, and Blogs. Want to jump straight to Business Hacks? (Of course you do!) Just tap Blogs, then Business Hacks. Presto: there's our stuff. You can refresh this content list (or any other) by swiping down with your finger. That action also reveals a handy Search bar.

Want to share whatever post you're reading? Just tap the envelope icon in the top-right corner of the screen to send a link via e-mail. Watch for Facebook- and Twitter-sharing options in a future update. (I'm hoping for an option to bookmark favorites as well.)

Speaking purely as a BNET reader, I seriously dig the new apps. I think you will, too. That said, hit the comments and let me know what you like or don't like about them. And if you have any suggestions for improvement, I'll pass them along!

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