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Rat lying next to an empty bottle of Hennessy goes viral as "just another day in New York City"

There's been Pizza Rat and Flood Rat, but now Henny Rat is here to dethrone them both. A picture of a rat lying on a sidewalk next to an empty bottle of Hennessy cognac is going viral for perfectly embodying the dark underside of Valentine's Day. 

"Just another day in New York City," Chris Williamson tweeted with the photo, which was taken on the corner of Monroe Street and Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn Thursday. 

"Here lies a real 1," Nicolas Heller wrote on Instagram, snapping a different photo of the rat with the empty bottle along with a crushed Newport cigarettes box. 

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Here lies a real 1.

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Many have taken to Twitter to debate how the rat found itself in this peculiar situation. Comedian Patton Oswalt jokingly announced a sequel to Pixar's "Ratatouille," in which Remy is going through a rough patch. 

Williamson, a sports reporter and anchor, wondered if the rat was just upset about the current basketball season. 

Yet another Twitter user painted a bleak picture of Stuart Little's future. 

And many suggested that the forlorn rat represents everyone's exes on Valentine's Day

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