Rare Superman comic sells for $175K

On each of the three floors that DC Comics takes up, the elevators open onto a different mural. This one shows the stages of how a page of comic art is made. It starts with the script from a recent issue of Action Comics, then the unvarnished pencils, then the inked pencils, then the colored version of the art. Finally, the word balloons and captions are added.
Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's two very rare Superman comics.

A copy of the comic book featuring the Man of Steel's first appearance sold for $175,000 at auction on Tuesday. That copy of Action Comics Number 1 was in the insulation of a Minnesota house for more than 70 years. This edition is often considered the "Holy Grail" among comic fans.

Contractor David Gonzalez, 35, discovered it while he was restoring the old dilapidated home. Gonzalez said he had purchased the home for a little over $10,000 before he discovered the comic. He accidentally tore the cover, which greatly reduced its value. The Superman comic was bought by a buyer who hasn't been named. It was sold online by ComicConnect.com.

The website's CEO, Stephen Fishler, notes a pristine copy of the same edition had previously set a comic book record. It sold for more than $2 million in November of 2011.

And it seems that luck has indeed struck twice for Gonzalez. The contractor told ABCNews.com that he's recently discovered yet another extremely rare Superman comic inside the old home.

Gonzalez says he's unsure what specific issue the second comic is, but he says he can tell that it's a story involving the Man of Steel fighting dinosaurs.