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Randy and Evi Quaid Set Free in Canada, and She's Declared a Citizen!

Randy and Evi Quaid Are Released, Free to Roam About Canada
Randy and Evi Quaid (AP Photos)

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (CBS/AP) Citizen Quaid - sounds like a classic, eh?

Despite Randy and Evi Quaid's active arrest warrants, rap sheets, and erratic behavior, Canadian officials have released the odd couple after Evi informed immigration officials that she is in fact a Canadian citizen - and according to the Canada Border Services Agency, she is telling the truth.

Following an immigration hearing in Vancouver where the couple sought refugee status, authorities ruled Evi is indeed Canadian. Now the Quaids, who were arrested and jailed last week on outstanding U.S. warrants, are free to roam about the Great White North until Nov. 2, when they are expected to appear in a Santa Barbara courtroom to face felony vandalism charges.

During Thursday's hearing, Evi Quaid repeatedly said her father was a Canadian FBI agent - a claim she explained later by saying her father was a Canadian who moved to the U.S. and began working for the FBI. E! News reports Evi was born in Vermont.

On the other hand, her actor-husband Randy, who hails from Texas, is also no longer in detention, but will have to proceed through further immigration channels.

Randy and Evi Quaid claim they were seeking asylum in Canada because they believe they are being targeted by "Hollywood star whackers" who allegedly killed Heath Ledger, David Carradine, and Chris Penn in the United States.

The Quaids have caused quite a stir this year, allegedly defrauding an innkeeper of more than $10,000, a case in which most of the charges were dropped. The Quaids were arrested last week in Vancouver, on U.S. warrants related to vandalism charges after the couple allegedly occupied a guest house at a property they no longer owned.

According to the Quaids' U.S. lawyer, the couple will show for their Nov. 2 court date in Santa Barbara.

After the ruling upholding his wife's Canadian citizenship, Randy Quaid told CTV News, "I just want a place that I can work and enjoy my life and not feel that someone is always following me around and trying to steal from me."

"Everyone has the same sense of humor as me," added Evi. "[Canada is] big and beautiful, just like my husband."

D'oh Canada.