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Ralph Lauren's Photoshop Addiction: A Fourth Slenderized Model Confirms the Company's Warped Aesthetic

Yet another Ralph Lauren model has shown up with her waist digitally altered so that she's thinner than human biology permits. It's the fourth model in a fourth different venue, suggesting that RL's staff of art directors -- or maybe the man himself? -- is unable to get a grip on reality.

The latest Photoshop disaster features model Tao Okamoto wearing an orange polo-neck T shirt in the Nordstrom online catalog. Her head, including her hair, is about the same width as her waist, which would suggest she's missing several major abdominal organs.

The error is identical to ones RL committed when advertising an online shopping event, a gray sweater wrap in Australia, and on a bus shelter in Japan.

I previously suggested that artificially making models as thin as possible was some sort of company policy at RL. Now I'm convinced that the company's bizarre aesthetic for the female form is standard operating procedure there, and that staff are so used to it that they no longer recognize the images they're creating as abnormal. Why else would they show up in such diverse locations, in differing channels, and on various product ranges?

Here's a gallery of RL's previous crimes against anatomy:

Hat tip to Jezebel. Related:

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