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The CBS News Political Unit is tracking the political commercials of the presidential hopefuls. Jane Ruvelson analyzes the latest effort of Republican George W. Bush.


Candidate: Governor George W. Bush

The Ad: Bush's latest ad is a 30-second television spot which airs this week in South Carolina. Respect highlights elements of Bush's Social Security plan and attempts to convey his respect for America's seniors.

Audio: Bush: "Our greatest generation deserves our greatest respect. This begins by keeping our word."

Announcer: "Bush will save and strengthen Social Security. His plan is clear: No reductions of benefits for retirees and those nearing retirement."

Bush: "Respecting seniors also means respecting their abilities."

Announcer: "The Nashua Telegraph says 'The Bush plan lets seniors keep more of what they earn.'"

Bush: "The law should not hinder our seniors from making choices."

Announcer: "George W. Bush. Conservative values and a fresh start for America."

Visual: Respect presents Bush in various campaign modes: giving a speech, addressing a group on a farm and speaking with a voter. Breaking up the Bush footage are scenes of seniors of different backgrounds engaged in activities like raising the flag and examining (presumably) financial papers with their grandchildren.

As Bush delivers a speech, the commercial's key points appear in graphics below him: "save and strengthen Social Security"; "no reductions of benefits for retirees and those nearing retirement,"; and from the Nashua Telegraph: "the Bush plan lets seniors keep more of what they earn."

Fact Check: No inaccuracies.

The Strategy: The Bush campaign uses this ad as an opportunity for damage control, after Bush took some hits on the Social Security issue from Sen. John McCain. McCain, who unveiled his own tax and Social Security proposals this week, has repeatedly suggested that Bush's tax plan threatens the longevity of Social Security because it relies on Social Security surplus funds to cover proposed tax cuts. Though the Bush campaign has pointed out that McCain's plan would only keep Social Security solvent for an additional six years, it has yet to present its own solution to the Social Security problem.

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