Quiz: What If the Customer Is Dead Wrong?

Last Updated Sep 28, 2009 4:59 PM EDT

Scenario: You're selling some commercial property -- a big money deal -- to a rich, but not-too-savvy, prospect. As you're explaining that the property in question will be a good long-term investment, the prospect comes out with: "I heard this is not a good area for property appreciation."

You know that's not true and therefore conclude that the prospect has been getting bad information.

What's your best response?

  • Response #1: Question the Source. The prospect is obviously getting bad information from somewhere. If you can weaken the prospect's faith in that source, the objection will disappear.
  • Response #2: Shelve the Objection. The objection is blocking your sales effort, so best to put it aside and instead probe to discover what's important to the prospect.
  • Response #3: Dazzle with Facts. You know the information is false, so all you need do is state the truth, along with all the reputable sources behind that truth.

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