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Quick! Do This Today to Live Your Best 2011

Dear Robert,
Well, you had quite a 2011! I guess I'll start by discussing some of the New Year's resolutions and goals I achieved in 2011 for which I'm most proud. First, I'm thrilled I was able to launch Richer Life Insights in January and am amazed that it exceeded even my inflated expectations. The response from members proved there really was a desire for a positive, life changing and life affirming, goal achievement community. The greatest source of happiness in 2011 was my family and my little girl. I'll never forget the look on her face as she peered over the edge of the Grand Canyon for the first time. And I definitely can't forget about . . .

This is a letter I'm writing to myself at the end of 2010 reflecting on all of the amazing things that happened in 2011. As you can see, I had a pretty good 2011! Of course, none of these things have happened yet, but I've already lived each of them in my mind.

Before you think about setting New Year's resolutions or planning your 2011, I suggest you imagine it first. But take off your thinking cap for a moment because this is not an exercise to determine what is most likely to happen, but instead, it's an exercise to imagine what could happen. There's a subtle but profound difference between thinking "This is my life" versus "This is my life today." It takes little mental effort to imagine a future one year from today that is the same as your present reality. Your goal is to fantasize and dream about what could be, not what is.

Imagine it is December 28th, 2011. Write a letter discussing what you have achieved and experienced in 2011. Use these questions as a starting point:

  • What did you do in your career that took it to the next level?
  • Did you brush up on some old skills or learn new ones?
  • What's the one thing you've talked about doing for years but finally did it in 2011?
  • Did you move? If so, where? What does it look like?
  • What trips did you go on? What did you see and experience?
  • What kind of friend were you in 2011?
  • How did you show your loved ones that you care about them?
  • What special things did you do with your spouse/kids?
  • What did you create in 2011?
  • How did you invest the other 8 hours?
  • What new hobby did you take up?
  • What about your health? Was 2011 the year you committed to regular exercise and better nutrition?
  • How did your community and/or the world benefit from your efforts?
  • Who did you inspire? How?
It's one thing to simply write a laundry list of accomplishments, but for this to be most effective, you need to add emotion. So what that you lost 15 pounds and ran your first 10k? Write how it made you feel to cross the finish line or to step on the scale and to see all of your hard work pay off. Remember, write this letter to yourself as if you experienced it. Imagine it and then write about the memories -- the sounds, thoughts, and feelings of each moment.

Contrary to popular opinion (and several best-selling books!), just fantasizing about a better future won't make it a reality, but it's hard to achieve if you don't first believe. By dreaming about a better life, imagining it in detail, and then writing about it, you will know exactly what inspires you and what you need to do to make 2011 even better than you've imagined.

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