Questions Remain In Model's Murder

Police in Canada are still investigating the murder of swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, after the suspect in her death was found dead in a motel.

As CBS News correspondent Michelle Gielan reports, the manhunt for Ryan Jenkins is finally over but authorities are still searching for answers to the mysterious murder.

Reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins was found hanging by a belt, from a coat rack at the Thunderbird Motel in Hope, British Columbia on Sunday night.

Hotel manager Kevin Walker was shocked when he found Jenkins' body. "You're not expecting to open up a door and see a man hanging right there"

It was also a shock to Jenkins' father, who told the Los Angeles Times, "If my son was guilty he was crazy. He was not the boy we knew."

He added that his son appears to have been corrupted by the Hollywood lifestyle.

Police had been searching for the former real estate developer since his ex-wife Jasmine's body was found on August 15, strangled, mutilated and stuffed into a suitcase in a dumpster outside Los Angeles.

Canadian authorities say they have identified the woman who helped Jenkins check into the motel a few days ago, but they are not revealing her identity.

Investigators believe Jenkins and the mystery woman knew each other.

"We have to determine if anyone else was involved, if anyone helped with the crime," said Sgt. William Kohanek of the Buena Park Police Department.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Fiore's white Mercedes is still missing. Police say it could play a crucial role in helping them close the case.

Jenkins was set to appear in another VH1 reality show, "I Love Money 3". But VH1 announced Monday that they would be cancelling that show.

Donald Farmer, who was a contestant with Jenkins on 'Megan Wants A Millionaire,' and Stuart Brazell, the casting director who selected Jenkins to appear on reality TV, appeared on The Early Show Tuesday to share their insights.

"Jenkins father has said, if he did this, it was because he was corrupted by Hollywood. Did you get any signs working with him on this reality show, that he was somebody who was intoxicated by fame and came to crave the spotlight?" co-anchor Maggie Rodriquez asked Farmer.

"No. I really didn't get that sense at all. He seemed just like a very friendly, outgoing guy. There were some people in the house that were a little arrogant, a little rude, but ryan was always a complete gentleman. Ryan was, I thought, one of the nice guys," Farmer said.

Asked if he was one of those contestants trying to steal the attention, Farmer said, "There were other people on that show that would fall into that category, but I really wouldn't put Ryan there, no. He was always well mannered. He was very smooth. You know, he knew how to work comfortably with other people. But no, there were people that were just like blatantly trying to steal the spotlight and do every trick they could to do it. I really wouldn't put Ryan in that group."

Asked what made her cast Ryan Jenkins, Brazell said, "Ryan was full of energy, louder than life, that would get the most attention in the room. He was someone that really fit perfectly for this type of show, especially a dating reality show. He knew he was going to have fun and make for really good TV."

In 2007, Jenkins. had been convicted of assaulting a girlfriend.

Asked if she knew that, or whether she looks into the background of these contestants before she books them, Brazell said, "My job as the casting team for a show like this, I'm a freelance casting director, We have nothing to do with the background checks. Now, i assume, because I've been on a reality show myself and I know they did do a background check on me, my assumption would be that there was a natural vetting process in order. But I'm not speaking as a representative for the show."

When asked if he had a background check or psychological evaluation, Farmer said, "As far as the background check, we were given no information about that, how much they did or how much they didn't do. So we weren't privy to that information. When we did arrive for the filming of the reality show, we did take a 500 question psychological exam. So we did that the first night we arrived."

Asked how Ryan treated women on the show, or if in hindsight there were any red flags, Farmer said, "He went out of his way to be nice to me, I would say. I mean, Ryan was a competitive guy, and there were some people in the house you could see that he seized up as maybe his competition, and maybe he was a little more competitive with them. He was always very kind to me."

"I mean, there was one time in the house when we were all together in the living room. Ryan was sitting in a chair. I was standing over him. Ryan accidentally bumped a table and made a glass on the table break, and it fell into a bunch of pieces, and I immediately got down on the floor and helped him clean up the mess. And he was sort of surprised by that because we were supposed to be all competing with each other and I was helping him out. Then later on that night, when i was supposed to do one of my close-ups, Ryan ran up to me right before my close-up and told me I had a little piece of lint on my shirt and helped me look better for my close-up. We were sort of helping each other on the show, and I thought he was a really friendly guy," he added.