Psychic Finds Wrong Corpse, Australian Police Still Looking for Missing 6-Year-Old Kiesha Abrahams

Kristi McDougall, of Sydney, Australia, has been missing since June. A psychic recently thought she knew where Kiesha Abrahams' body was but instead found the headless, limbless body police believe belongs to McDougall.
Psychic Finds Wrong Corpse, Australian Police Still Looking for Missing 6-Year-Old Kiesha Abrahams
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SYDNEY (AP) An Aboriginal elder, who claimed to have seen missing 6-year-old Kiesha Abrahams in a dream, led police to a corpse - but one belonging to a different missing person.

Cheryl Carroll-Lagerwey claims she saw little Kiesha in a dream and had a "gut feeling" that she would find the body of the young girl who was reported missing from her home about 16 days ago. Wednesday night, she and a friend went to a nature preserve just west of Sydney where she believed she would find Kiesha, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

But instead of Kiesha's body, she reportedly uncovered a headless, limbless body wrapped in plastic along a creek in the preserve that police believe might be that of Kristi McDougall, a 31-year-old mother from Sydney who has been missing since June, the paper reported.

Police said Thursday that they had notified McDougall's family but stressed that they could not formally identify the body until a full autopsy had been conducted.

New South Wales state Detective Chief Inspector Pamela Young said that investigators were still investigating the circumstances that led Carroll-Lagerwey to the body.

"For those who believe in such things, I understand the woman thinks she might have some [psychic] powers," Young said. "There was a thought in her mind, apparently, that her coming here might help that particular case, but it hasn't. It's quite unusual circumstances that has brought us here that she would think that initially and then actually find a body."

The search continues for Kiesha, who was reported missing from her home in Mount Druitt, a few miles west of the nature preserve. Her mother told police she tucked her into bed that night, and woke up in the morning to find her daughter gone and the front door ajar.

Police are said to be looking at the stepfather in connection with Kiesha's disappearance. Police conducted a second raid on the house on August 9 after allegations that the stepfather was seen hitting the 6-year-old in the face in a grocery store parking lot just before she was reported missing, according to Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph.