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Princeton University Rejects All Its Applicants!

This week the Ivy League schools proved once again how exclusive they are by rejecting nearly all of their applicants, but in a bold move Princeton University clearly became America's most exclusive school.

This year Princeton decided to reject 100% of its applicants.

While 26,247 students applied to Princeton, the admission staff decided to reject every last one of them. Those rejected include the celebrity kids, sheiks' sons from the Middle East, basketball players and wannabe third- and fourth-generation Princeton legacies.


Inside sources tell me that the audacious decision should guarantee that Princeton vaults to the top of US News & World Report's college rankings in 2012. This year Harvard is sitting in the top college rankings spot. Every year, Princeton and its Cambridge nemesis typically battle for that No. 1 pole position.

Since one factor in the college rankings is a school's exclusivity, Princeton decided to adopt the 100% rejection strategy.

In comparison, Harvard looks like a patsy for admitting so many students. This year Harvard received 34,950 applications and asked 6.2% of the teenagers to join its Class of 2015. For Harvard that's a drop of 7/10th of a percent in acceptances from last year, but obviously that pales in comparison to Princeton's decision.

If you are one of the 26,247 unhappy Princeton applicants, don't try calling the admission office today. The staff has unplugged their phones and computers. Instead the office will be enjoying April Fool's Day.

Okay, this didn't happen, but as the percentage of students getting accepted to Ivy League schools continues to drop, it just might some day.

Princeton University image by antonioG4. CC 2.0.

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