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Prince William, Prince Harry say they didn't talk about Princess Diana's death

Royal family on mental health

Prince William and Prince Harry admitted in a new video with Duchess Kate that they didn’t discuss their mother’s death growing up. 

Prince William and Catherine also appeared in a guest spot as radio DJs on BBC Radio 1 on Friday to promote their mental-health charity. 

In a Facebook live video, Prince Harry joined his brother and sister-in-law and talked about becoming new parents, grief, mental health and more.  

“We’ve never really talked about losing a mum at such a young age,” Prince Harry said to his older brother. “When you speak to other people’s families, you think, wow, I don’t want them to have to go through the same thing.” He added that he wants to encourage people to share their problems starting from a young age instead of “bottling them up.” 

“I always thought to myself, what’s the point in bringing up something that’s only going to make you sad? It ain’t gonna change it. It ain’t gonna bring her back,” Prince Harry explained. “And when you start thinking like that, it can be really damaging.”

Prince William stressed the importance of addressing problems instead of shying away from them.

“You have to prioritize your mental health,” he said. “Someone has to take the lead and force that conversation.”  

Duchess Kate added that she believes they were able to cope with the tragedy of their mother’s death because of their close relationship. 

“I put that down to your really early years, childhood experience. But also the relationship you’ve got. You’re amazingly close ... being able to share things,” she said.

“We have been brought closer because of the circumstances, as well,” said Prince William of their shared trauma. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry #OkToSay film

Please take a moment to watch this new film featuring The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry that has been released as part of the Heads Together campaign's #OkToSay series. The film captures a conversation between Their Royal Highnesses that occurred at Kensington Palace as they looked ahead to this weekend's London Marathon and reflected on the growth of the campaign over the last year. The conversation covers a range of topics including the emotional changes new parents go through, bereavement, the stresses of modern childhood, and dealing with trauma in the workplace. The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry are incredibly grateful to everyone who has shared their stories in recent weeks. And having asked others to start conversations on mental health with their friends and families, they wanted to show that they are taking part as well. They hope the film shows how positive a conversation on mental health can be. #HeadsTogether

Posted by The Royal Family on Friday, April 21, 2017
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