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Prince Harry's Best Man Speech to be Cheeky?

The countdown to the royal wedding is on -- and "The Early Show" wants to get you the very latest in information on the goings on of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The big word today, wedding invitations could perhaps be finding their way into some mailboxes. We're also going to find out who best man Prince Harry may be bringing to this royal engagement.

CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter joined "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill from outside Buckingham Palace with the latest dish on the royal wedding.

There's buzz that the invitations could go out today. So, how many are being sent?

According to Arbiter, the Lord Chamberlain's office is starting to roll out invitations today and on or around 1,800 may be posted. But the big question isn't who's getting one -- it's going to be how many invitations people will get.

"Those receiving one invitation that means that they're going just to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey," Arbiter explains. "If you're lucky enough to get two invitations, you're going to the Queen's reception. And if you score the jackpot and get three invitations, you're going to Prince Charles's reception later that night. Many people are going to be eagerly anticipating the mailman this week."

Hill compares the royal wedding invitations to American high school students eagerly anticipating college acceptance letters. "They're hoping for a thick envelope -- meaning you'll have the three invitations!" Hill says.

We're learning a little bit more, too, about who may be there, not just from the invite list, but about best man Prince Harry. Will his on-again/off-again girlfriend be his plus one?

"We are guessing that Chelsy [Davy] is going to be his date for the wedding. Harry and Chelsy have been together, on and off...for a very long time. They clearly can't stay with each other, but they can't seem to live without each other, either," Arbiter says. "She's a very smart girl. She's a very beautiful girl. And she's been Harry's really only serious, serious girlfriend. I think we'll see Chelsy with him on the big day."

What should we expect from Prince Harry's best man speech? Will he keep it classy and civilized or will the silly, prankster in him come out?

"Harry has got a great sense of humor. And there's no question that I think his speech is going to be very tongue in cheek," Arbiter says. "Probably a little bit naughty. But it's what the English guests will be expecting. The best man's speech here is considered as an opportunity to poke a bit of fun at the groom while obviously not embarrassing the bride. And William and Harry have both got a great sense of humor. They're really, really close. I think Harry's going to have a good time with it."

Once the wedding is official we're now learning the first royal trip that William and Kate will be taking will be to North America.

"They are heading to Canada and this is going to be a very important trip for Kate in particular. It is going to be a baptism by fire, if you will," Arbiter points out. "Simply because Kate is being thrown in at the deep end. It's the first time she's going to be in the public eye to this degree, and her every move is going to be scrutinized. From what she's wearing, of course, but to how she's interacting with the public. How she handles royal engagements. How she deals with the press attention.

"And the way she handles all of that is really going to be indicative of the type of princess she's going to be and in turn, the type of queen she's going to be. So it's a lot of pressure. But William will be by her side, guiding her the whole way."

And everyone will be watching.

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