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Poll on Trump, Russia meddling, as Devin Nunes digs in

Majority report

President Trump’s overall job approval rating remains largely unchanged, underpinned by continuing strong support from Republicans who don’t appear to blame him for the failed health care bill, a CBS News Poll shows. We also asked Americans for their views on the still-unfolding scandal around Russian meddling in the U.S. election process, and on House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Won’t back down

President Trump says investigations into his campaign’s ties with Russia are a “hoax” -- even though his national security adviser and his campaign chairman were fired over it. The House, Senate and FBI are looking into Russian meddling in the election. The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is dismissing mounting calls to recuse himself from the investigation.

Border wall

Today is the deadline for contractors to submit proposals for the first part of President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall. The wall -- for which the Trump administration reportedly wants $1 billion in funding for the first 62 miles -- could split one Texas community into two. We talk to residents and Trump supporters who say the money could be better spent in other ways.

Suburban decay

A decade ago, America’s suburbs had the country’s lowest rates of fatal drug overdoses. Today, new data show those same communities have the nation’s highest mortality rates due to drugs. We look at the socioeconomic shift and other factors that have mired former fertile ground for the American Dream in spiraling drug deaths.

Gulen’s schools

For two decades, followers of controversial Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen have opened taxpayer-funded charter schools in the U.S. CBS News has learned the FBI is investigating whether Gulen skimmed money from those charter schools to fund his movement in Turkey.

Happy retirement

The biggest concern for many American retirees isn’t whether their savings will hold out, but whether their health will, especially as serious medical problems can quickly burn through a nest egg. We explore some simple steps to address health concerns in your golden years.

Prince confidant

Only on “CBS This Morning,” Kirk Johnson, Prince’s confidant and drummer, takes us around Paisley Park where the iconic star lived, performed and died. Johnson was among those who discovered Prince dead inside an elevator last April.

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