Poll: How Effective is Your Company's Ethics Training?

Last Updated Oct 15, 2008 5:21 PM EDT

Is your ethics training effective?

That's the question that my confrere, Lauren Bloom, an ethics trainer and the author of the eponymous blog, "Lauren Bloom's Blog," asks. She says:

In the wake of the subprime mortgage mess, a lot of companies will probably decide that it's time to offer ethics training to their employees. Here's hoping that they do it well, and for the right reasons. It's extremely important to train employees in business ethics, but the training has to be effective if it's going to be worth the time and trouble invested in it. Effective ethics training is interactive, specific to the ethical issues that are most relevant to the company, understandable and positive, and yields measurable results.
One wonders, though, just how the effectiveness of a company's ethics training can be quantifiably measured. (If you have a clue, please share it with your fellow BNETers in the comments.)

In my professional, corporate career, I've been through a few "ethics courses" but these were mostly taken online and included rather simplistic, multiple choice questions with common sense answers. [poll id=59]

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