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Poll: Hillary Clinton leads in Ohio, Florida ahead of March 15 primaries

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has more than 600 delegates than Sen. Bernie Sanders
Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has m... 03:00

Hillary Clinton is poised to have a big night next week when Ohio and Florida vote on March 15, if a new poll out Wednesday morning is correct. Polling in Michigan turned out to be incorrect, showing Clinton beating Sanders with a double-digit lead, and in the end, though it was close, Sanders ultimately won.

Clinton leads her primary challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, by 30 points in Florida and 9 points in Ohio, according to new numbers from Quinnipiac University. The pair of states are, along with Illinois, the biggest delegate prizes remaining in the month of March.

In Florida, Clinton's 62-32 lead is partially powered by a massive lead among women: she takes 69 percent of that demographic, compared with 24 percent for Sanders. She also does well among voters aged 65 or older: Clinton wins 72 percent of them in the poll, compared with 21 percent for Sanders.

Clinton and Sanders were tied 49-49 among voters aged 18 to 44 in the poll, reflecting Sanders's strength in contests thus far among young voters.

In Ohio, Clinton leads 52 percent to 43 percent overall, with a 25-percent lead among women (59 percent to 34 percent). Sanders has a slight lead among men there: he takes 53 percent of the demographic, compared with 44 percent for Clinton.

Sanders does well among voters who describe themselves as "very liberal": he beats Clinton 58 percent to 39 percent among that group. Clinton, by contrast, leads among voters who describe themselves as "somewhat liberal" or "moderate."

The poll surveyed 511 likely Democratic voters in Florida and 521 likely Democratic voters in Ohio from March 2-7. Both have a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percentage points.

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