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Poll finds Americans questioning Trump's policies, temperament

Only 15 percent of all Americans, and 31 percent of Republicans, say they agree with President Trump on "nearly all issues," according to a new Pew Research poll and only about a third of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents like the way he conducts himself.

The survey finds an additional 18 percent of Americans say they agree with him on many issues, while 21 percent say they agree with him on some issues. A plurality – 45 percent – say they agree with Mr. Trump on no issues.

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Unsurprisingly, a large majority of Democrats – 77 percent – say they disagree with Mr. Trump on basically every issue. But only 31 percent of Republicans say they agree with him on everything, while 38 percent say they agree with him on many things.

Additionally, only about a third of the Republicans and Republican-leaning independents surveyed -- 34 percent – say they like how he conducts himself as president. Meanwhile, 46 percent expressed reservations about how he conducts himself, and 19 percent say they don't like how he conducts himself.

A majority of Republicans – 56 percent -- also say he should listen more to Republicans with experience in government, while 34 percent think he should not listen to them as much as he already does. Mr. Trump is the first president in American history to not have previously served in the government or the military.

A separate Pew survey found that only 26 percent of all Americans, and 45 percent of Republicans, describe him as "even tempered." A slim majority of Americans – 51 percent – say they think he is intelligent, but 65 percent describe him as "selfish" and 55 percent say he's "prejudiced."

Voters are split on whether Mr. Trump is tough enough on Russia, with 52 percent saying he is not tough enough, 35 percent thinks he's "about right" in his approach to Russia, and 6 percent believe he is "too tough." A firm majority of Republicans – 66 percent – say he's stance towards Russia is "about right."

Strong majorities of Republicans and Republican-leaners say they are either "very" or "somewhat" confident in Mr. Trump's ability to negotiate trade deals, appoint good judges, make wise decisions when it comes to immigration, and make smart decisions about the use of nuclear weapons. Vast majorities of Democrats and Democratic-leaners disagree with these assessments, although about 1 in 5 Democrats, or 21 percent, say they trust him on trade.

The survey measuring views on Trump's conduct and Americans' agreement with Mr. Trump's policies was conducted from August 15th to the 21st among a national sample of 1,893 adults.  It has a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points.

The second survey, which asked respondents about Mr. Trump's temperament, his stance toward Russia, and their confidence in his ability on trade issues, immigration, judges and nuclear weapons was conducted from August 8 - 21 among 4,971 adults. It has a margin of error of 2.3 percent. 

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