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Poll: Amid scandals, Obama's approval dips

As his administration grapples with a series of recent controversies, President Obama faces a dip in his approval ratings, dropping to 45 percent approval from 48 percent a month ago, with more voters now disapproving than approving of his job performance, according to a new survey from Quinnipiac University.

According to the poll, conducted from May 22-May 28 among 1,419 registered voters, 45 percent approve of Mr. Obama's job performance, and 49 percent disapprove. In a Quinnipiac poll published May 1, 48 percent of registered voters approved of the president's performance, and 45 percent disapproved.

The drop is particularly noticeable among independent voters, among whom 37 percent viewed approved of his performance and 57 percent disapproved. A month ago, 42 percent of independent voters approved and 48 percent disapproved.

Over the past several weeks, the Obama administration has been dogged by various so-called scandals: The IRS has been under fire for having targeted conservative groups for tougher scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status; the Justice Department was revealed to have subpoenaed the phone records and other information from a handful of journalists who were investigating stories about national security; and Republicans continue to raise questions about the administration's handling of last year's terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

In light of these issues, which have dominated the political news cycles for a few weeks, registered voters are mixed on whether or not Mr. Obama is honest and trustworthy: 49 percent say he is, and 47 percent say he is not. The president scored higher on that question - 58 to 37 percent - when it was last asked in September 2011.

Most registered voters (76 percent) want a special prosecutor to investigate the IRS for its conduct, while 43 percent say the criticism regarding Benghazi is "just politics." Thirty-seven percent (compared to 24 percent) say the justice department's seizure of journalists' records raise "legitimate concerns."

A total of 68 percent of voters are "somewhat dissatisfied" or "very dissatisfied" with how things are going in America today, according to the poll.

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