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Police Interrogation: Bloodbath Reveals Shocking Family Secret

Orlando, FL. September 2004
Michelle Jones, an executive at the Golf Channel, was found decapitated in her bedroom. Her aunt Teri lay dead from stab wounds in the living room. Her uncle Carl "Charlie" Brandt, had hung himself in the garage. Police suspected that he was responsible for the bloodbath. Their first clue came when Brandt's older sister Angela revealed a shocking family secret.

In 1971, Angela Brandt's 13-year-old brother Charlie had shot their parents, killing their pregnant mother. But because he was so young, he was never held criminally responsible for his moment of madness. After a year in a psychiatric hospital, he rejoined the family who never spoke of the incident again. But, thirty-three years later, when police considered Charlie's history along with the skillful mutilation of Michele Jones's body, they began to suspect that Brandt was a serial killer. However, they were able to link him definitively to only one additional murder.

To find out how this incredible story unraveled, read more at 48 Hours | Mystery.

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