Police identify 3 kids shot in New Jersey home

Authorities respond to a home in Tabernacle, N.J. where three children were found shot.

CBS Philly

TABERNACLE, N.J. - New Jersey State Police have identified the three children shot in a southern New Jersey home along with their mother.

Capt. Stephen Jones says 8-year-old Nadia Harriman and her 14-year-old brother, Nicholas, were killed. Their 11-year-old brother, Alexander, is in critical condition.

The three were found shot Thursday in their home in Tabernacle along with their mother, 44-year-old Jeaninne LePage, who had a single gunshot wound to her head. She also is in critical condition.

CBS New York reports police say all four were shot with the same handgun, which was found at the scene. Police say there were two other adults in the home when the shooting happened, but neither heard anything, according to the station.

Officials say they aren't prepared to say whether the shooting was a murder-suicide attempt. But they do say they aren't looking for a shooter.