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Polaroid's new camera prints and posts your pictures

You love the 1977 filter on Instagram. But you also miss the feeling of pressing a button and having an actual instant photo pop out. Now, you can have it both ways.

Polaroid is bridging old and new with its Socialmatic camera, which prints you a picture and uploads the image to social media.

The camera looks like the love child of an old school Polaroid and a digicam, and has both a 14-megapixel front-facing camera and 2-megapixel rear camera. Once you've snapped your shot, you get a choice: print it, post it, or both.

Staunch traditionalists will have to forgo the pull-and-shake (which we all did long after we learned it was pointless). The 2-by-3-inch prints are made by the camera's ink-free Zero Ink Printing technology from ZINK Imaging. The full-color prints come out in under a minute. They have an adhesive backing, presumably because no one has photo albums to put pictures in anymore, though that's just a hunch.

By the time that happens, you could have shared it with everyone you know. The Socialmatic connects to Wi-Fi, so users can immediately post images to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Don't have Wi-Fi? The camera is prepared. It'll also pair with your phone via Bluetooth, and you can take it from there. And in case your phone is out of your reach, the camera runs Android and has a decent sized touchscreen.

The camera starts shipping in January and will cost $299 with a 10-pack of printing paper included.

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