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Platform-A Differentiates From Phorm, Flirts With Bebo, Going To Japan

This story was written by Robert Andrews.
Platform-A, AOL's recently unified collection of advertising businesses, has distanced itself from behavioural targeting rival Phorm, although the two were amongst signatories to a new code on the practice last week. While as-yet-unlaunched, ISP-based Phorm can target ads based on all users' browsing habits, Platform-A's Tacoda behavioural targeting unit relies on tracking through a network of partner sites. Platform-A's London-based international head Brendan Condon told paidContent:UK in a briefing with journalists Tuesday morning: "They're different. We don't need the ISPs - we have thousands of publishers participating in the network."

AOL (NYSE: TWX) UK corporate communications head Mark Rigby added: "Tacoda was launched as a response to a need. Phorm is a different setup and addresses different needs in the marketplace." Asked if Tacoda doesn't do the same job as Phorm, he said: "They do, but the way in which they're addressed in an open way is different. Tacoda has been based on a platform that's been open and transparent - the issue is getting data that you want to do nothing other than sell relevant ads." Full story here on paidContentUK...

By Robert Andrews

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