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Plano mass shooting: Chilling report reveals bartenders' actions before massacre

Texas mass shooting
Police records shed light on Texas mass shooting 01:13

PLANO, Texas – A lawsuit and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission report released Thursday accuses a Plano bar for its involvement in last September's deadly mass shooting at a Plano home during a Dallas Cowboys game watch party. CBSDFW reports the lawsuit and TABC report accuses The Local Public House in Plano of over-serving Spencer Hight before the shooting.

According to the report, bartenders noticed Hight, the shooter, was highly intoxicated.  But he was still served drinks anyway.

Bartenders also noticed he was acting "weird" and had a knife and a gun.

But the bar's owner told the bartenders not to call police.

Later that evening, Hight went to the Plano home of his estranged wife Meredith Hight, and shot and killed her and seven other people.

Police identified the victims as 27-year-old Meredith Emily Hight; 33-year-old Anthony Michael Cross; 24-year-old Olivia Nicole Deffner; 29-year-old James Richard Dunlop; 22-year-old Darryl William Hawkins; 31-year-old Rion Christopher Morgan; 28-year-old Myah Sade Bass; and 25-year-old Caleb Seth Edwards.

Officers who responded, shot and killed Hight.

The TABC report accuses the bar of continuing to serve an already drunk customer.

According to the report, Hight ordered two gin and tonic at 2:39 p.m. at The Local Public House on September 10 and then left.  Hight returned at 6:38 p.m. and ordered two Miller Lite beers and a shot of lemon vodka.

In the bar surveillance video, Hight appeared to be highly intoxicated, the report said. "Hight was unsteady on his feet and staggered around the bar, running into tables and walking sideways."

The bartender, Lindsey Glass, noticed Hight had a large, fixed blade knife on the bar and was spinning it on the bar.

It is against the law to have a knife or a gun at a bar.

The report points out that's the second violation, aside from over-serving a customer.

Glass then texted Timothy Banks,  another bartender and friend of Hight and told him Hight had a big knife on the bar and was spinning it and "Hight said he had dirty work to do."

Lindsey Glass sent a text, saying Spencer Hight had a big knife on the bar and was spinning it and "Hight said he had dirty work to do." CBS DFW

The report went on to say, "Banks told Glass he was going to come to the bar.  Glass then texted Banks that Hight was drunk and being weird. Hight and Glass then went to the patio area.  Hight produced a pistol from his front pocket and put it on the table.  Glass then observed Banks arrive and went to tell him about the gun.  Banks made contact with Hight and according to his statement to Plano Police, he believed something was wrong with Hight and called the bar owners."

According to Banks interview with Plano Police, the director of the corporation Mackymo's Bar & Grill Inc, Jerry Owen, "advised Banks not to call the police."

Hight then left and went to Meredith Hight's home where he shot and killed eight people.

The lawsuit from the victims' families names both bartender Lindsey Glass and the bar as defendants.

The lawsuit also holds them responsible for over-serving and for having weapons in the bar.

They are asking for a million dollar in damages.

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