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Pippa Middleton's car gets the boot?

Pippa Middleton at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships on July 1, 2011, in London. Clive Mason/Getty Images

(CBS) -- Looks as if Pippa Middleton has accumulated some unpaid parking tickets.

A BMW Z4 convertible reportedly owned by the Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister was clamped with a Denver boot over the weekend.

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The bright orange restraint, normally given to excessive parking offenders, was placed on the car Sunday in London's Chelsea neighbored, where the 27-year-old lives, the UK's Metro newspaper reports.

While Pippa will most likely be able to drive again soon, it may not be in the same luxury vehicle.

According to reports, Middleton's parents are splurging on a $152,000 bomb-proof Audi or BMW for her.

"Carole and Michael have taken a raft of measures following advice from one of William's most trusted bodyguards," a source tells The Sun. "Pippa's car will have all the latest security devices, including armor plating."