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Pigeon Droppings Cause Roof To Crash

It's a fecal fiasco caused by 20 years of neglect.

The roof of a Quick Mart gas station in Vacaville, Calif., came crashing down under the weight of pigeon poop. Yes, that's right, pigeon poop. Twenty years of leaving the birds to it.

When firefighters showed up, they said it was nearly a foot thick in places, reported KOVR correspondent Jonas Tichenor.

"Disgusting," said customer Chris Doss, who narrowly missed the ultimate you-know-what storm.

Doss heard an explosion just seconds after she got in her car and said she "didn't realize it was pure pigeon poop at the time" but there were "a lot of feathers."

An outdated roof design allowed the pigeons to have the run of the roost for decades, but that's about to change.

The owner who purchased the property in a foreclosure last year plans to take the entire structure down and invest in a badly needed pigeon protection plan, reports Tichenor.

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