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Piers Morgan faces backlash over his "Lemonade" criticisms

TV personality Piers Morgan was not a big fan of Beyonce's latest work, to put it lightly.

Morgan penned an op-ed for the Daily Mail complaining that Beyonce's new visual album, "Lemonade," continues a trend in the singer's work he doesn't very much care for -- namely her attention to racial and political issues.

Beyonce releases album, internet explodes 04:07

Morgan took particular issue with her mention of Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers, calling her "Formation" video and Super Bowl performance from earlier this year "anti-police." He also called into question featuring the mothers of Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, claiming she was exploiting their grief for the sake of record sales.

"Beyonce [five years ago] was unrecognizable from the militant activist we see now. Then, she was at pains to be seen as an entertainer and musician and not as a black woman who sings. Now, it seems to be the complete opposite," Morgan wrote.

"The new Beyonce wants to be seen as a black woman political activist first and foremost, entertainer and musician second. I still think she's a wonderful singer and performer, and some of the music on 'Lemonade' is fantastic. But I have to be honest, I preferred the old Beyonce."

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and many Beyonce fans online had opinions about Morgan's words.

And it turns out Morgan heard them, though he didn't necessarily have the reaction they'd like.

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