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"Pie a la road": Feuding drivers end up in food fight

BOULDER, Colo. -- A Colorado man is accused of following another driver in an alleged road rage incident in which he ultimately threw a pie at the other man, reported CBS Denver.

The alleged pie-thrower, 62-year-old Gary Strand, is also accused of trying to hit the second motorist with his car, and smashing the victim's taillights.

It happened Tuesday night in Boulder.

"(The victim) said he was followed to a parking lot at his home after he left Safeway... and admitted he tended to drive aggressively. A man got out of his vehicle and threw a pecan pie at the victim. The victim picked up the pie and threw it back at the suspect," police said in a statement.

A pie for a pie.

But that wasn't the end of it.

"The suspect got back in his vehicle and 'hit the pedal' driving his car at the victim. The victim had to back up and put his hands on the hood of the suspect's car to avoid being hit," police said. "The suspect got out of his car and broke the tail light of the victim's car with a 'baton-like' object."

According to the station, Strand is facing charges of felony menacing and criminal mischief.

He's also out one pecan pie.

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