Pick the Right Hotel for the Best Rewards Program

Last Updated Aug 23, 2010 9:01 AM EDT

Remember yesterday, when I told you about how to compare frequent flyer rewards programs? Well, the fun doesn't end there. Turns out that there's a similar comparison chart for hotel points and the ease of getting a free night at your favorite inn.

NerdWallet's Hotel Rewards Cheat Sheet is chock full of intriguing details.

The most useful info, of course, is a guiude to the dollar value of your stay -- how many nights do you need to invest to get a free additional night. Marriott fares the best, with a free stay costing just 10 nights. InterContinental and Accor were the most costly, at 25.

Who the heck are InterContinental and Accor? That's where another part of the chart comes in handy, which tells you that Accor owns brands like Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn, while InterContinental is home to Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza.

Just like the airline frequent flyer miles chart, this one is simply to big to reproduce here, so be sure to visit NerdWallet to see all the details.