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5 injured in Philadelphia shooting one day after violent standoff

New details about Philadelphia shootout
Police commissioner details shootout that left 6 officers wounded 02:29

Police said five people were injured in a shooting Thursday in Philadelphia. The shooting comes just one day after six police officers were shot while serving a narcotics warrant and a seven-hour standoff with the suspect followed.

Police said all five victims were taken to a local hospital. One victim is in critical condition, CBS Philadelphia reported. Among those shot includd a 16-year-old boy who was shot in the hand, police said. 

So far, there have been no arrests. Detectives are trying to determine what led to the shooting. 

"There were some chairs up about a block and a half, leading us to believe the individuals, the victims, were probably seated when they were targeted," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.  

Earlier Thursday, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and other politicians from Pennsylvania called for more gun-control measures.

"Getting relief in the form of meaningful gun control legislation will save lives — the lives of residents, and the lives of the men and women who have sworn to protect us," Kenney said at a news conference. "Incidents like this should not keep happening — not in our city, not in our country. If we fail to act, we will continue to see gun violence ravage our communities and tear families apart."  

During the press conference, Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania said the Senate must vote on a background check bill and also move to ban "weapons of war."

"It's time for the United States Senate to vote on a background check bill, but also not to forget about and not to push off for another day, finally, at long last, a ban on military-style assault weapons which are weapons of war which should not be on our streets," Casey said. 

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner identified the suspect in Wednesday's shooting and standoff as 36-year-old Maurice Hill. Police said Hill surrendered after firing more than 100 rounds, hitting six officers. All the officers were released within hours. There were two other officers and three people trapped in the house for several hours with the suspect. 

Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who played a key role in ending the siege, sat down for a one on one interview with "CBS Evening News." He acknowledged that the outcome could have been much worse.

"I'll just sum it up this way. God is good, he just is," Ross said.

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