Philadelphia police commissioner details response to violent standoff

New details about Philadelphia shootout

Last Updated Aug 15, 2019 7:25 PM EDT

Philadelphia — The suspect involved in a shootout in Philadelphia Wednesday surrendered after allegedly firing more than 100 rounds and wounding six officers. Maurice Hill, 36, has a long criminal record, including drug, gun and robbery charges.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross, who played a key role in ending the siege, sat down for a one on one with CBS News. Ross said he was front and center, watching the drama unfold in a SWAT vehicle during the eight-hour standoff.

"We know someone's firing a high-powered rifle out the window at police officers, potentially putting civilians at risk," he said.

Police arrived Wednesday to a north Philadelphia neighborhood to serve a narcotics search warrant. In a matter of seconds, Hill allegedly began firing shots and wounding six officers. Moments later, a possibly wounded officer rolled out of the doorway.

Ross acknowledged that the outcome could have been much worse. "I'll just sum it up this way. God is good, he just is," he said.

Nightlong standoff paralyzes Philadelphia neighborhood

Two other officers and three civilians ended up inside the home on the second floor. Police and SWAT teams were able to help them escape around 10 p.m.

Ross said he spoke to the suspect several times trying to convince him to surrender. "He texted at one point that, 'I'll call you back.' He didn't, but we kept calling," he said.

Just after midnight, Hill walked out with his hands up. Ross said he worries about civilian access to the types of guns the officers faced.

"I know that in my heart we can do better in this country, we can do better in regard to regulation," he said.