Phil Simms All-Iron Team

Blondie band members from left to right, Clem Burke, Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, backstage after being inducted at the tweny-first annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame dinner in New York, Monday, March 13, 2006.
CBS Sports commentator and former NFL player Phil Simms announced his First Annual All-Iron Awards on December 25th, 1999. Late Show talk show host David Letterman also gives you the Top Ten reason's your not going to make the Phil Simms All-Iron Team.
Phil Simms All-Iron Team
Tony Boselli Jacksonville Jaguars Off. Lineman
Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams Running Back
Sam Gash Buffalo Bills Fullback
Darrell Green Washington Redskins Cornerback
Levon Kirkland Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker
Sam Madison Miami Dolphins Cornerback
Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Quarterback
Bruce Matthews Tennessee Titans Off. Lineman
Ed McCaffrey Denver Broncos Wide Receiver
Lawyer Milloy New England Patriots Safety
Warren Sapp Tampa Bay Buccaneers Def. Lineman
Junior Seau San Diego Chargers Linebacker
Michael Sinclair Seattle Seahawks Def. Lineman
Zach Thomas Miami Dolphins Linebacker
Tom Coughlin Jacksonville Jaguars Coach
Walter Payton Chicago Bears Hall of Famer

The All-Iron Team captain, Sam Gash, was awarded a 2000 GMC Truck.

First there was Letterman's mother Dorothy and now there's Barbara. Mama Simms that is. For Phil, one of eight children growing up in Kentucky, the choice was easy as to who should cook the Iron Men Team meal -- his Mom. Phil headed to his old home in Okolona, Kentucky to cook and sample the All-Iron Team meal with his family. "My mother is used to cooking for large groups," says Simms. "There was never a holiday where my mom didn't cook, so the only person I trust feeding these guys is my mother." Mama Simms' Recipes.

The All-Iron Team trophy is an old fashion cast "iron" commemorating Simms' obsession with ironing. "When Mom did the wash she just threw it out there for all eight kids," says Simms. "If you wanted to look good, you had to iron. If you look at me, you'll see I need all the help I can get." According to Barbara, as a child Phil even ironed his football and baseball uniforms and to this day he is still committed to his creases.

David Letterman's Top 10 Signs You're Not Going to Make The Phil Simms' All-Iron Team

10. You spend more time with your parole officer than with your coach.
9. You sustained a season-ending injury during the coin toss.
8. Your motto... "Who cares if you win or lose, just cover the spread.
7. Official program lists your position as "Laughing Stock."
6. So far this season, 10 touchdowns and 5 choked coaches.
5. You're averaging 46 yards per punt... but you're not the punter.
4. Announcers rarely mention your name without saying "unsportsmanlike conduct."
3. You refuse to work on Sundays and Mondays.
2. Your excuse for a missed game... "I was gambling with Pete Rose."
1. You're the spokesperson for the annual "Americans against Phil Simms" drive.