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Phil Keoghan's Emotional Return to New Zealand

Millions of Americans know Phil Keoghan from his award-winning work as the host of the popular reality show, "The Amazing Race" on CBS.

On Monday though, "The Early Show" talked to him not about his show, but about something far more serious -- the devastating earthquake that hit his hometown in New Zealand. Keoghan grew up just south of hard-hit Christchurch.

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Keoghan gave a very personal look at how people are doing and how the community is pulling together in its time of need.

With a sense of loss and nostalgia, Keoghan stood outside of one of his favorite bars and restaurants, called the Carlton, which was built back in 1906. He told "Early Show" co-anchor Erica Hill that, while a lot of the buildings around the city look destroyed like the Carlton, "As for the people, although they're shaken, I can assure you they're definitely not broken. This is where I was born, it's where I went to high school, university, where I got my first job. And I feel it's important to come back home, because I want to share the stories of what's happening here, and also to let everybody know what they can do to help."