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Pharma Update: A Victory for Amgen, A Gift from Congress, and More

Amgen wins patent case against Roche -- The courts have decided that Roche can't sell its anemia drug Mircera in the United States, since it violates patent law by competing with Amgen's anemia offerings, Epogen and Aranesp. This is very good news for Amgen. [Source: WSJ Health Blog]

R&D tax credit tacked onto rescue bill -- Today, the House finally passed the infamous economic bailout package, thanks to pages of modifications which made it more palatable to legislators. One of the addenda, Section 301, retroactively revives a tax credit for corporate research and development. Pharma companies who weren't expecting the credit should enjoy the bonus for their books. [Source: Pharmalot]
CEOs talk biotech -- FierceBiotech reports on the Pennsylvania BIO CEO roundtable, in which executives--including Cephalon CEO and co-founder Frank Baldino, Jr.--shared their insights on a company's first drug launch, the sometimes-forgotten difficulties of manufacturing, generics, talent management, and how the foundering economy will affect biotech. Read about it here. [Source: FierceBiotech]

It was Lilly -- In case you haven't heard, ImClone's mystery bidder is Lilly, though no takeover has been finalized and the two companies still aren't saying much about their negotiations. [Source: InMoney]

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