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Pharma Roundup: Pfizer Re-Slices Organizational Pie, Lilly Dishes Out Zyprexa Settlement, and More

Pfizer reorganizes -- The drug-maker has abandoned the geographical divisions it formerly used and will now split its operations into three groups: primary care, specialty care, and emerging markets. Research will continue independent of the groups but marketing, sales, and related activities will be adjusted to the new plan. Layoffs are not expected. [Source: Pharmalot]

Lilly to pay $62 million fine over Zyprexa -- Allegations that Lilly marketed the antipsychotic for off-label indications have led to a settlement with 32 states. The litigation isn't over, however, and estimates of the eventual pay-outs top $1 billion. [Source: WSJ Health Blog]
Biotech losing talent to clean tech -- As layoffs have mounted in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, skilled researchers have been leaving the field to join the current darling industry of venture capitalists, clean tech. [Source: FierceBiotech]

Consumer Reports blacklists 20 drugs for seniors -- The influential magazine's September issue includes a list of medications it does not recommend for patients over age 65. Whether the move will affect sales remains to be seen. [Source: Prescription Access Litigation]

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