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Personal attacks make Palin "cheery"

Sarah Palin launched an attack campaign against Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, on Thursday, two days after suggesting that she might challenge him next year.

Palin, who said Tuesday she's "considered" entering this race, posted four Facebook posts about Begich in which she slammed his "playing of the ol' Washington political game." Three posts highlighted Begich's voting record that Palin described as "ultra-liberal."

"It cheers us up and gives us good opportunity to remind Alaskans just how loyal to the Obama agenda you have been," Palin wrote on her Facebook page. "Many hope to see great changes for our great state following the upcoming 2014 election."

Begich reacted Wednesday to her potential Senate bid referencing her stint as Alaska's governor, which she cut short in 2009, telling Politico that Palin "quit on Alaska." He also questioned her state residency and said she has "lost touch" with what Alaskans want. Such personal attacks made Palin "exceptionally cheery," she wrote in response.

"Margaret Thatcher used to say, 'I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left,'" Palin wrote. "Mark, after looking at your voting record I can see why you are looking for a distraction."

Begich, who is in his first term, has no Republican challengers yet for his 2014 reelection bid. Palin said she will wait to see who else enters the race before determining if she'll run.

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