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Permanently Erase Sensitive Text Messages

Can your business e-mails be subpoenaed? Absolutely. That's one reason I've recommended that you avoid e-mail when you can -- it's forever, and courts can get their hands on it. But what about text messages? Yes, they're fair game as well. If you're looking for a way to limit your legal exposure from text messages, I've got just the thing for you.

Tiger Text is a phone app that lets you send messages which live -- on both devices and the message server -- only as long as you specify. That means you can tell Tiger Text to erase all traces of your texts after one day, or even after one hour. Since Tiger bypasses your carrier's normal SMS service, both the sender and receiver must be using Tiger Text.

The name is highly suggestive, but the company claims it has nothing to do with Tiger Woods. Color me dubious.

In any event, Tiger Text is available now for the iPhone, with Android and BlackBerry versions on their way. The app and your first 100 texts are free. After that, you pay 99 cents for 250 messages or $1.99/month for unlimited messages.

And if you want to keep your routine e-mails safe from being discovered years from now, check out how to Send Ultra-Secure, Self-Destructing E-mail.

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