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Perfect Tux For Every Occasion

Tuesday, the Wedding in a Week spotlight falls on groom-to-be Marc Stein who is offered five different tuxedo styles from which to choose and some tips from Modern Bride magazine editor Tania Riddell for dressing for his big day.

Designers are beginning to pay more attention to men, Riddell says, and today's groom has a wide variety of options. Overall, formalwear is more relaxed than it used to be, and color is sneaking into ties and vests. Classic tuxes are being updated with ties and silver or grey accents. Tails are always in fashion, and even suits and the familiar navy blue blazer have a place in the wedding spotlight.

Marc has said he is a very simple guy and wants a plain, black tuxedo with a tie. No vest, no cummerbund. Well, The Early Show invited you, the viewer, to give us your opinion on the best outfit for Marc and almost 40 percent chose the Day-Time Formal look. And guess what? Marc did, too.

The following are the descriptions of the outfits featured on the show along with complete poll results:

Day-Time Formal
Rental / Lord West
Prices Vary
Percentage of Votes: 37.80 percent

This is a classic black tux with a single-breasted jacket, peak lapels, sliver/grey vest and bowtie.

According to Modern Bride, this tux is appropriate for a morning or early evening affair. The colored vest and tie set it apart from a formal evening tuxedo, which should be black on black or white on black, Riddell says.

Most jackets today are single-breasted. The double-breasted jacket is more appropriate for an older groom.

Semi-Formal Anytime
Ermengildo Zegna
Price: $3,200
Percentage of Votes: 8.77 percent

This is a brown wool striped suit with a single-breasted jacket, striped shirt and tie.

If you're not having an ultra-formal wedding, this look may be for you. A suit can be appropriate if you're getting married in a hotel, or in a garden. Although the suit shown is brown, a grey or black suit is always classy. A tie is a must to make the suit look as formal as possible.

Ultra-Formal Morning
Rental / Gingiss
Prices Vary
Percentage of Votes: 20.87 percent

This is a wool tuxedo with a single-button gray jacket and tails, peak lapel, striped gray pant, gray vest and striped ascot.

If it was up to Riddell, Marc Stein would wear this tux on his wedding day. She loves the fact that it's very traditional, and believes that it's an elegant, classy choice. We've all seen this traditional tuxedo before, and it remains as fashionable as ever.

Ultra-Formal Evening
Rental / After Six
Prices Vary
Percentage of Votes: 30.85 percent

This is a black wool tuxedo with tails, peak lapels, pearl vest and tie. Another formal tuxedo with tails, this one can be worn in the evening at a black tie affair. Again, because there is no color - just black and white - it's appropriate for evening. And, if the bride is wearing a classic ball gown, it's the perfect match.

The long tie gives the tuxedo an updated, younger look. The vest in place of a cummerbund also makes the tuxedo more modern.

Price: $630
Percentage of Votes: 1.71 percent

Navy blue wool/cashmere blazer with inverted peak lapel, khaki pants, checked shirt and striped tie.

Casual but chic, this last look is for the groom whose ceremony is on the beach, in a garden or held on a country afternoon. The entire look is from a retail store that's familiar to most men. Dressing the groom in a comfy blazer, chinos and brown suede shoes insures that he can focus on his bride instead of an uncomfortable or unfamiliar tuxedo.

The striped tie - particularly the prep-schoolish tie shown- is really a must with this look. It jazzes up the plain blazer while bringing a spark of color to the ceremony.

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