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Penn. voters say nation still divided after Trump’s first 100 days

Pennsylvania focus group
Full Pennsylvania focus group: May 7 26:38

Some Pennsylvania voters are finding that in the weeks following President Donald Trump's first 100 days, the nation is as divided as it was during the election.

"Face the Nation" host John Dickerson traveled to Reading to talk with residents about the issues that matter to them most. Reading, a rural area just outside Philadelphia, faced sweeping job losses due to outsourcing and voters came out in full force for Mr. Trump in the 2016 election.

Participants in the focus group told Dickerson that after just a few months in office, Mr. Trump is more concerned about sending a message than crafting policy.

Voters used words such as scary, tenuous, uncertain and divisive when asked to describe the climate of the country, saying Mr. Trump's focus has yet to shift toward what voters really care about.

"I think his focus has been on the media far too much. I think he commented in almost any interview I see. And I think he needs to realize that he's going to be reported on no matter what. So he should just do a good job, and then maybe they'll report good things about him instead of him being so concerned about his image," said Pennsylvania voter Dale Bond.

Supporters of Mr. Trump, however, said the president's "no-nonsense" mentality, a signature during Mr. Trump's campaign, is present in his approach to foreign policy, more specifically his swift action in ordering 59 Tomahawk missiles to hit a Syrian air base in response to the chemical weapons attack.

Watch more of what voters had to say about Mr. Trump's job performance in the White House and what they see as the biggest issues the country is facing in the months ahead, on "Face the Nation." 

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